Welcome to Polyfil AG

We are the specialists for fine wire and fine tubes. An international clientele appreciates our extensive experience and expertise in the production of micro-cables, specialty fibers, capillaries, electrodes, and much more.

Modern laboratories, highly qualified staff and the close cooperation with our demanding customers have helped to realise many projects around the world.

Polyfil products are used in electronic components and medical devices. They are also used in the automotive, aviation and aerospace industry. As a specialist for these complex application areas, we have many years of experience in sensor-, melting wires up to complex micro cable constructions.

Our product range includes fine wires, insulated wires, tubes and micor-cables in countless variations. There are many possible combinations, only the physics set certain limits.

We can draw our wires and pipes galvanised and/or insulated. We can also combine these methods as desired. Stranding, grinding, cutting, stripping, laser welding and assembly is also a part of our expertise.

Of course, we constantly adapt to technological change. We can now additionally offer rapid prototyping, including 3D CAD and 3D printing for our customers. Upon request we can also supply our products  sterile ready for the cleanroom.

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!