Fine wires

Our fine wires appear everywhere where tight specifications are required. They are used in  nano-and micro-technologys as well as in applications in the medical field.

We have the ability to combine several methods together. This makes us the ideal partner to develop new products or production prototypes to be ready to start. But we also have the capacity to deliver larger quantities after approval.

The micro wires are available in many variations. We are happy to adapt our products to your needs. Many years of experience in various technologies enable us to find appropriate solutions for you.

With the help of our experienced electroplating facility, we can apply single layer and multilayer coatings, thereby affecting the electrical resistance or chemical resistance.

In addition, we can coat our wires with plastics. The insulations range from ordinary  to biocompatible materials for medical applications. The specific properties of these materials enable us to meet many needs of our customers.

The technical specification can include parameters such as: Diameter, resistance, breaking force, yield strength,  elongation, hardness, roundness, straightness, thickness, color and many more. We are happy to help you to specify your product correctly. The features of our wires and tubes are almost limitless.