Fine Tubes

Our long experience in the production of wires allows us an upstanding fine tube manufacturing. This fulfills the wishes of a large number of customers who require a reliable quality for their products.

In addition to the various stainless steels, which are especially used in medical applications, we can also process other materials, such as tubes of precious metal alloys, gold, platinum, etc., but also non-ferrous metals such as brass, nickel, nickel silver, copper or different copper alloys.




Fine Tubes

Diameter outer: 4 -0.25 mm / 0.157″ – 0.00984″ 
Diameter inner: 2.9 – 0.05 mm / 0.114″ – 0.00197″ 
Wall thickness:  1 – 0.04 mm / 0.04″ – 0.00157″

High-quality precision tubes can be seamless and welded. We supply both versions with an accuracy of up to + /-0.001mm, straightened in defined lengths or in coils. We follow international standards and customer requirements.



Metals: Gold, Nickel, Platinum, Silver, Tun and many others…

We can apply the same metallic coatings as on the wires. Again, we have the possibility to reach acid resistance, biocompatibility, or to affect the electrical properties of the tubes. We are able to electroplate tubes and wires endless (reel to reel). Polyfil AG is very efficient and can garantie coatings to be homogeneous, without porosity (pinholes) or cracks.




Plastic Insulation

For probes or catheters, it is often important that they are coated with with plastics. As for the wires, we can apply different types of insulation or biocompatible materials on the fine tubes.
With our multi-layer coating process, a 100% coverage is guaranteed. Pinholes can’t emerge with this technology.

Types of Insulation

Art der Isolation Temp. *
Polyurethan V130* 130C° L
Polyurethan V155* 155C° L
Polyesterimid W180* 180C°  
Polyesterimid W200 200C°  
Polyimid C300 300C°  
Silicon 200C°  
Adhesive varnish    
Polyvynilbutyral 100C° L
Polyamid 180C° L


* available in various colours, L = solderable


Multi Lumen Tubes

Metals: Gold, Nickel, Platinum, Silver, Tun and many others…

In some applications it is necessary that the tube has two or even three different chambers. Even those products we can manufacture for you. For this very special part, we have developed a special prozess, that allow us to meet the high requirements of such a product. With the combination of our electroplating and polymeric coating Polyfil AG has an excellent starting position for very complex and sophisticated products to realize. If desired, the inner conductor can be installed solid or loose in the pipe. If you want to learn more about our multi lumen tubes, do not hesitate to contact us.


Here are some examples:

Steel tube galvanized and with polyurethane coating

Various combination examples for multilumen tubes and coaxial cables.

Pipe material

Stainless steels
1.4306/AISI304L                            more metals and alloys on request